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“Inflammable" and “flammable" mean the same thing. Bitch!

I attended an introductory course on scheduled waste management recently and I was particularly annoyed when the SGS trainer highlighted a mistake in the English version of the Environmental Quality Scheduled Wastes Regulations.

The SGS trainer announced to the whole class that the word inflammable means not flammable and therefore it should not be paired with a particular sign associated with flammable wastes. She then proceeded to ridicule the use of the word in the legal document and wondered why such obvious mistake can escape the eyes of so many lawyers.

I immediately objected to her interpretation and pointed out that the use of the word is correct in its context. Unfortunately she did not believe in me.

First of all, you need to believe that the lawyers are not idiots.

The use of correct terms in a legal document is of paramount importance to lawyers and the probability of lawyers making such an “obvious" mistake is practically zero. So, if you can accept that lawyer…