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Graphical Analysis of UM's position in the THES Rankings

It seems to me that the Vice Chancellor of the University of Malaya (UM), Professor Datuk Dr Hashim Yaacob, is taking the THES university rankings very seriously, and Dr. Hashim is using it as an absolute measure of the performance of his university. However, as suggested by Education in Malaysia, it is now believed that UM was incorrectly positioned in the 89th place last year. To have the situation studied analytically, I decided to put the tables in a graph, so that the consistency of the methods used by THES can be statistically validated.

Assuming constant populations of foreign lecturers and students, and using the scores for international faculty and international students for the year 2005, it can be extrapolated that the correct position for UM in 2004 should be at about 250, instead of 89. If this is the case, UM is making a significant improvement by hopping from 250 to 169, as compared to our cousin, NUS, whose position remained relatively unchanged.

As for the challenge p…