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God can take away what He has given us, and He can give us what He has taken away

Usually God and Satan don’t talk to each other, but in Chapter 1 of Job, they actually had a dialogue on a rich man named Job.

God: Do you know Mr. Job? I tell you what, this guy is a good man, and he really loves me and won’t do anything evil. (1:8)

Satan: Serious ah? I don’t believe you. If you take away all his monies and properties, he will surely hate you. (1:9-11)

God: Well, you can try and see. You can kill everything under his name, his sheep, his camels, his children… But make sure you don’t kill him. (1:12)

At the end of the conversation, Satan varnished without saying anything and proceeded with the experiment suggested. God predicted Job’s response correctly after all his flocks and children were killed, for he didn’t get angry at all. Instead, he uttered his famous words: “Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither; the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord (1:21)”.

In Chapter 2 of Job. God initiated a conver…

Destruction of Greek Civilization by Fundamentalist Christians

Fundamentalist Abrahamism is notorious for its intolerance for other civilizations and cultures. A recent example is the detonation of the Buddhas of Bamyan by the Taliban government in 2001. Their leader, a fundamentalist idiot named Mullah Mohammed Omar believes that such statues are unislamic and must be destroyed.

About 1700 years ago, the fundamentalist Christians behaved just the same like the Talibans. The evil things they did to the Greek religion and culture is chronicled in "Demolish Them...", a book written by Vlasis Rassias.

Just to give you a taste of their montrous act, read this: In the year 415 in Alexandria, Egypt, a beautiful mathematician named Hypatia was kidnaped by a mob ordered by the bishop Cyrillus. Hypatia was stripped naked by the Christian monks and dragged her to the Caesareum Church, where she was hacked into pieces. Hypatia's body pieces were then paraded by the Christian mob through the streets of Alexandria, and were finally burned together…