God can take away what He has given us, and He can give us what He has taken away

Usually God and Satan don’t talk to each other, but in Chapter 1 of Job, they actually had a dialogue on a rich man named Job.

God: Do you know Mr. Job? I tell you what, this guy is a good man, and he really loves me and won’t do anything evil. (1:8)

Satan: Serious ah? I don’t believe you. If you take away all his monies and properties, he will surely hate you. (1:9-11)

God: Well, you can try and see. You can kill everything under his name, his sheep, his camels, his children… But make sure you don’t kill him. (1:12)

At the end of the conversation, Satan varnished without saying anything and proceeded with the experiment suggested. God predicted Job’s response correctly after all his flocks and children were killed, for he didn’t get angry at all. Instead, he uttered his famous words: “Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither; the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord (1:21)”.

In Chapter 2 of Job. God initiated a conversation with Satan again.

God: See, I told you already. Job still loves me although you destroyed all his possessions for no reason. (2:3)

Satan: Ok loh, you won the first round. But if I were to plant some virus and bacteria on his body and make him sick, I am sure he will turn his back on you. (2:4-5)

God: Very well, you can do whatever you like, but make sure you spare his life. (2:6)

At the end of dialogue, Satan went away. Job was later infected with some kind of serious skin disease. Job is a kind man and didn't want his virus to infect other people, he isolated himself and sat on a rubbish heap outside the city. (2:7-8)

Then after a long time had passed, Mrs. Job started to lose her patience and cannot stand her husband anymore. Following is the conversation between them.

Mrs. Job: Hey Job, until when do you want to hold to your stupid integrity, just curse God and die. (2:9)

Mr. Job: Be cool woman. You have spoken like one of the foolish woman! You see, the correct way is: Everything God gives, no matter good or bad, we've got to accept them wholeheartedly. (2:10)

So, Satan failed again in his second attempt to instill bad moral onto Mr. Job.


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