Hexagram No. 31 in the Yi Jing (易经)

The icon and slogan found on the paperbag of Eu Yan Sang (余仁生) chinese drug store:
(咸因)有心才会感恩 (approximately: Be grateful (to your parents), if you have heart)
reminds me of an hexagram in the Chinese divinational classic. For the uninitiated, the slogan is a clever manipulation of Xian Yin (咸因) and Gan En (感恩). In the former, the hearts (心) are removed, and does not carry any meaning in modern Chinese. My guess is that the creator of the slogan did not know that the character Xian (咸) is actually a primitive form of the character Gan (感), a verb meaning sense or feel.

Now back to the hexagram business, there are altogether 64 hexagrams documented in Yi Jing (易经, Wade-Giles romanization: I-Ching). One of them is very interesting from a human reproductive perspective because it contains the instructions on how to carry out foreplay before penile-vaginal penetration, it is Hexagram No. 31, known as Hexagram of Xian (咸卦).

Given below is my translation of the interpretation of the hexagramatic lines of the diagram.

Yin line No. 1: (As a first check of her sexual receptivity), touch her big toe.

Yin line No. 2: Caress her calves. This may cause her to react violently (if she does not like you). But if she abide, then you are lucky and may proceed to the next step.

Yang line No. 3: Caress her thigh and continue the movement upwards along her thigh. Going forward in this way may cause you to regret in future.

Yang line No. 4: However, if you are firm in your decision, you will be happy and will have no regret. Morever, if she seems sexually perturbed, you may continue to do whatever you wish to do.

Yang line No. 5: Caress her back and her upper body (After this step, she should be fully aroused and receptive. At this point, your testosterone level will become high enough that you are not able to control your action consciously), there will be no occasion for repentance and there is no turning back.

Yin line No. 6: Kiss her lips, cheek, and tougue. (This will be the final step before you perform vaginal penetration)

This shows that, contrary to popular belief, the Chinese peoples in the Zhou Dynasty were already equipped with knowledge in reproductive psychology.

A different english translation of the same hexagram given by the Scotish sinologist named James Legge is available here.


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