Reproduction: Why Human Females are More Cautious? Part I

The biological aspect of human gametic cells is very interesting. At birth, a baby girl has only a fixed amount of eggs (maybe around one million) in her body. When she reached a certain age, we will see that her breasts will begin to grow bigger, and a little genie residing in her ovary will say to these one million eggs: "ok, I shall now start to send you to meet your boyfriends".

Each month, the genie will pick a few thousands eggs and give them whatever training that is necessary. At the end of the training, the eggs will need to take what is known as the atresia examination. And the egg who score the highest mark will get the chance to embark on a romantic journey. The rest of the eggs are not sent back to the reservoir, but they are destroyed.

From that point onwards, about 13 eggs are ovulated each year from the egg reservoir until the woman reached what is known as menopause. So, for her whole lifetime, a human female will only release about 400 eggs.

The number of the boyfriends of the eggs residing in the human male body, on the other hand, is not constant. They are manufactured continously in two ball-shaped factories, at a rate of at least 1000 units per second. At the time of orgasm, one teaspoon of sticky liquid containing some hundreds of millions of these units will be ejeculated.

So you see, in the human female, the opportunity to pass half of her genetic information to her offspring is rather limited as compared to the human male. Therefore, she needs to be more cautious. She needs to make a lot of calculations to make sure that the man she fucked is able to contribute 50% of good genetic information to her offspring.

Although the ultimate objective of the human male is exactly the same as in the human female, that is, to pass half of his genetic information to his offspring. The implementation is radically different because he can use his gametic cells rather generously.

So, the human male will have sexual intercourse with many good quality human females when conditions permit. Just to make sure that he can make many different varieties of half-copies of himself to live on. The criteria to copulate, for human males, I believe, is far less stringent than that of human females.


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