On Sex-related Taboo-words such as "Fuck": Part I

The word "fuck" is very often used in exclamations and imprecations.

Some of the uses of the word in literature are:

What the fuck do you think you're doing? [G. Lord (1970) Marshmallow Pie xv., p. 136]

‘Fuck the bloody thing!’ he said fiercely under his breath. [F. Manning (1929) Middle Parts of Fortune II. xv., p. 379]

Sometimes "fuck" can also be used as an adjective to modify a noun, such as

‘What the fucking hell's that for?’ my father said. [D. Lessing (1960) In Pursuit of English, p. 12]

"No, I can't figure out how to interface UNIX to my toaster, and yes, I have RTFM."
(RTFM is the acronym for 'Read The Fucking Manual'. According to the online hacker
Jargon File, Version 3.0, RTFM has two meaning. 1. Used by gurus to brush off questions they consider trivial or annoying. 2. Used when reporting a problem to indicate that you aren't just asking out of randomness)

The word "fuck" is commonly regarded by many as a taboo-word. Grammatically, "fuck" is a transitive verb, but it is a sexually biased transitive verb, for it is almost exclusively used with male subjects, that is, like this:

(male subject) fucks a (female object)

And very seldom do we encounter the opposite way of the using the word. This property
illustrates that the English language assumes that a female's role in the mating process is almost entirely passive. A lot of females also accepted this notion, a notion which is physiologically quite correct.

This usage is also compatible with the usual meaning of "fuck", if we choose to define it as a male having canal knowledge of a female or penile penetration of vagina.

However, because copulatory activity is an interactive process which involves both male and female, I think it is not wrong to define the word from the point of view of a female.

So, we may also define "fuck" as a female having penile knowledge of a male or vaginal encapsulation of penis.

Although "fuck" is a simple word to use for describing human mating, it is commonly avoided because we were told that it is an impolite word to use and should be aptly replaced by words which are supposed to be more refined such as make love. To me, this is unnecessary because the replacement words are bound to be clumsier than the monosyllable "fuck".


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